School Fees

Little Flower school Gurdaspur

1. Tuition fees are charged quarterly for the school year. The fees must be deposited form 6th to 12th of April, July, October and January in the H.D.F.C. Bank, Gurdaspur. An additional day will be allotted, in case there is a holiday in between. Late fee can be deposited on the 30 the of the first month of each quarterly with the fine of Rs.25/- and there after a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged for every late fee.

2. All the details of the fee collection are give non the Fee Account Book.

3. The children who take new admission will pay tuition fee along with their annual and admission charges.

4. A student may be permitted to write the examination with out few clearance, but the result with held.

5. Fee for any number of months, even for the whole year can be paid in advance.

6. Fees once aid will not be refunded.

7. Tuition fees well be charged for the whole year even though a child is admitted in the middle of a term. Maintenance levy will be charged every year. The annual fees which comprise term fee (electricity, water), sanitation and hygiene, security, sports and games, HRD & welfare schemes, will also be charged every year. However, the admission fee will be charged only at the admission, with an additional ICSE entrance charge at the time of admission to the 1st Std.

8. As long as the school does not receive any grant in aid form the Govt., the school is constrained to revise the fees structure annually to meet the rise in expenditure due to the increase of the cost of living. The enhanced rates of tuition fee and other dues if any will be informed at the time of admission in march.

9. class-IX students have to pay I.C.S.E. Registration Fee and X – class I.C.S.E. examination fees, in addition to the regular fees.

10. Please check whether particulars printed on the receipt are correct. In case found wrong report the matter to the office on the same day, but before closing of the office. No complaint will be entertained afterwards.