On all class days and at school function, the children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the season.

Little Flower school Gurdaspur
Little Flower school Gurdaspur

Summer Uniform

Boys Girls
Sky blue shorts/trousers Check divided skirt
Half sleeved check shirt Half sleeved single color shirt
White socks White socks/stockings
Black shoes (leather) Bblack shoes (leather)
School belt, Tie & i-card School belt, Tie & i-Card
Handkerchief Handkerchief
White scarf (Patka) White hair band/white ribbons

Winter Uniform

Boys Girls
Grey trousers Grey divided skirt
Full sleeved white shirt Full sleeved white shirt
Grey socks Grey socks/stockings
Black shoes (Leather) Black shoes (Leather)
School Belt, Tie& I-Card School belt, Tie& I-Card
Handkerchief Handkerchief
White Patka White hair band/white ribbons
v necked red pullover V necked red pullover
Red blazer Red blazer

Note: Red blazer is compulsory in winters.

P.T. Uniform

Boys Girls
White shirts, white shorts/trousers, white socks, white canvas shoes school tie, belt white scarf and I-card. White divided skirts, white shirts, white socks, white canvas school tie, belt, white ribbon and I – card

Every Wednesday and Saturday, students (I-x) will come to in house wise uniform. form class IV on wards all the boys are to wear trousers in school as school uniforms. All the girls form class III on wards are to wear divided skirts in school. The school authorities forbid the use of jewellery or makeup. Long nails, nail polish, mehndi is not a part of the uniform.

It is compulsory to wear the school uniform on the following occasions:

  • For extra classes.
  • For trips/picnics.
  • For inter-school functions.
  • for board examinations etc.