Leave Rules

  1. No leave is granted without prior written application for parents or guardians and the also only for serious reasons. Parents must not make the children to write the leave application but must write by themselves (In Punjabi/Hindi/English) In order to have a check on their ward’s sincerity.
  2. A student on returning to school after a contagious or in factious disease should produce doctor’s certificate per mitting him to do so. The school management should not be blamed if due to failure in producing such certificate a student is obliged to return home during class hours.
  3. All students and the staff are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after each of the vacations. Students of Study VI to X who return late after the holidays will be fined Rs.20 per day of absence.
  4. Those absent because of sickness must present a medical certificate before they are admitted to class. Absence for more than fifteen class days, renders the student liable to be struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of a re-admission fee of Rs. 5000/-
  5. Appointments with doctors, dentists etc. Must not be arranged during the school hours.