Introduction About Saint Theresa

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Saint Theresa, the little flower, is a popular saint. /she was the last of nine children and was born on January 2, 1873 in France. Only five children in the family survived to adulthood. Theresa’s mother died when she was only four years old. Her father and sisters would give lots of attention to Theresa. She wanted everything she could out of life.

Theresa’s attitude changed from caring only about herself to loving other people after her fourteenth birthday. She entered the carmelite convent in Lisieux to become a nun. Theresa wanted to give her entire life for god.

Her life was simple, and she devoted much of it to prayer and conversation with God. Theresa had a terrible struggle with tuberculosis. Through her sickness. She leaned on God and knew that he was there for her. T the age of 24, Theresa died, and her last words were “My god, I love You”

St. Theresa wrote many essays about her conversation with God. She described her life as a little way of spiritual childhood in her autobiography, titled story of a soul. She lived and taught that loving one another is loving god.

St. Theresa advocated that it is not the great things that we do that is important but the great love that we have for other people, Theresa loved flowers her self and saw herself as the little flower of Jesus. Because of this analogy, Theresa has been know as the “little flower”. Her powerful presence form heaven affected many people.

On may 17, 1925 Pope Pius II canonized her a saint. Theresa said that her mission would start after her death. Theresa promised to let flowers fall form heaven to people who are devoted to God. Roses became the signature flower for saint Theresa. When people say her prayer for five to nine days, they see, smell or are given roses. Millions of people have claimed to be touched by her intercession and imitate her little way everyday. Pope John Paul II declared Saint Theresa a doctor of the Church in 1997.